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El Studio

Contrary to popular belief, I have a plan. By the way I am almost 30, was laid off from my cushy job in Seattle, went broke, dumped my car, sold all my crap & moved in with my parents so I wouldn’t end up living in a shared art studio in Capitol Hill. Yes. This is my life. Lately, I have been freaking out & bordering on atheism because I cannot see the reason behind all the upheaval. So, what does an unemployed architect that hates cad do?

barn door latchI establish a pottery studio in my family’s barn.

What the hell? It is hilarious & suddenly I found a Brent kick wheel for 300 bucks. So, I am 100% serious: there is this guy Daryl and his wife that chain smokes. He helps my family with a bunch of stuff around the property, business, etc. Good old Daryl is barely understandable, checks me out & built my studio floor. He raised the floor, threw mothballs in weird holes, helped me clean out the barn. Somehow we managed to keep his wife out of jail during the process. Yep, this is the price of having lots of land in Mississippi. The strange people I cross paths with.

I can’t hate on him or his wife. They do a good job, but I had no idea I would be working with Daryl building a pottery studio 5 years ago.

While I am waiting on a day job (architecture) I am sitting my grandmother with dementia. I love my grandmother. She painted with me & was always really sweet to me & has helped me out when I needed it. So. Remember, I am back in Mississippi. My grandmother has this neighbor, Floyd, who manages her blueberry fields. I flew into all kinds of blueberry drama when I started working for her. Pretty much my life lately has consisted of: Floyd hitting on me & grabbing himself, Floyd stealing blueberries, Floyd having a crazy man crash into my grandmother’s fence & destroy it, Floyd just being gross without teeth & wearing cutoffs. I don’t like Floyd.

All I do is laugh at the ridiculousness going on around me. Sometimes I think of the West Coast. I love the West Coast. I have become so entangled in that kind of life & suddenly I am without mountains, with humidity, without seagulls at my window or water from every angle. Also, I am in the sunshine, around people, which is good for a codependent personality and around my ailing family members. I know I don’t have to stay in Mississippi forever, but I am glad I am here now. Despite Floyd, and the snake in my bed, four million bug bites on my legs, three wasp stings, getting stuck in traffic behind a horse & buggy, I am really happy to be here. I am teaching myself how to throw pots & spending my grandmother’s last years with her. Pretty good stuff.